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Who We Are

Exploring Ocean Iron Solutions (ExOIS) is a not-for-profit non-commercial consortium of experts that strives to foster partnerships for scientific research, as well as with public and private partners for funding. We strive to establish best practices and governance for the study of ocean iron fertilization as one of many steps that will be needed to remove atmospheric CO2 over the coming decades. We are an independent program hosted by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, a 501(c) (3) non-profit.

Steering Committee

Ken Buesseler
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Kilaparti Ramakrishna
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Joo-Eun Yoon
Korea Polar Research Institute
Mark Wells
University of Maine
Sarah Smith
Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Fei Chai
Xiamen University

ExOIS Members


Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research

American University: Institute for Carbon Removal Law and Policy

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science

Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge

Code Green

Cortex Composites, Inc.

Dartmouth College

Hokkaido University


Korea Polar Research Institute

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories

National Oceanography Centre, UK

North Carolina State University

Northeastern University

Ocean Visions

Oregon State University

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Sabin Center for Climate Change Law, Columbia University

San Francisco State University

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego

Sorbonne Université

South China Sea Institute of Oceanology

University of California Santa Barbara

University of California Santa Cruz

University of Hawaii at Manoa

University of Leeds

University of Maine

University of Montana

University of Southern California

University of Tasmania

University of Victoria

Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Where We Work